WooHa Media offers friendly personalized service that gets solid results and provides a range of video production services which include:

Concept Development

Once we meet with a client, the first step is to brainstorm together and come up with an approach, a game-plan treatment on how to achieve visually on a video screen the clients’ goals.


Before the camera rolls or the drone flies, there has to be a plan of images that systematically guides the production to follow faithfully what the initial goals are. These pages of drawings and directions keep an order to be followed as guidelines or the “mise-en-scène”. Often enough, many of shots that were filmed “On the whim”, end up being some of the sweetest parts of a final video.


Depending on the message, the script is at the heart of the information. Since clients know their companies and mandates, the written word of what is said either live or via Voiceover (VO), is the central to accompany the visuals. We work together with clients and/or their marketing teams to write the script in either English, French or both.


We only have one mode of function; to produce the best we can. No matter how simple and straightforward something seems, there is always a better way to film it and that’s where level of production comes in. The HD camera sees every detail in its frame. So on the day(s) of shooting, we visualize the final production and strive to get those shots even if it means hanging off the side of truck at 100 mph with the Steady-Cam.


To drone or not to drone. That is a question of the landscape, interior or exterior and the required elements within the storyboard. The cameras we use are HD, of course, but we use cinematic lenses to capture a real photographic image. We use time-lapse, dolly tracking, Steady-Cam, overhead drone shots, as part of our filming capabilities.


During any shoot, we come up many hours of shooting. Afterwards we view everything and cherry-pick the shots that have been selected to audition in the progressive timeline for the final production.


This is where and when it all comes together. Once all the editing of the visuals, the music soundtrack and sound effects are chosen, the VO has been recorded, graphics and visual special effects done, then it all gets put together and a first draft is produced. The client views it, either approves or asks for certain changes, then we tweak and fine tune the drafts until there is a Final that has the “Wow!” factor all over it.

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