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Corporate Video • Music Video • Advertising • Web video • Events videos • Short Films

Wooha Media provides full video production services which include:

Pre-production / Concept development
Storyboarding / Scripting
Production / Filming
Post-production / Editing

WooHa Media also offers a full range of complimentary services:

HD aerial drone footage
Time lapse / motion time lapse capture
Animation and motion graphics
Audio capture, editing, and integration

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WooHa Media is the result of a friendship between Steven Riis-Christensen and Carlos Davila; a duo with bonding interests in the field of communication arts. They whistle while they work drawing motion pictures with giddy pleasure as well as corporate seriousness. It has been said, success is doing what you love to do with the bonus of getting paid for it.

Armed with video cameras they shoot with a sense of style and beauty while remaining focused in conveying the message. Whether a project is destined for YouTube, television or a client’s website, the direction remains to produce effective motion-imagery that truly benefits a client’s end goals. With a mindful of ideas and a results oriented attitude, the team works with flexibility to do what it takes to move any given project forward and have the client(s) whistling together as part of the team.

“What we try to achieve, is to make the viewers understand the message and feel an emotion through script and vivid imagery of the core idea in the shortest time possible. A photo in a magazine, store window or billboard gets eye-scanned for about one second and with video, a viewer has to be constantly intrigued, second by second, in order to remain interested. We understand today’s audiences, from baby-boomers to the youthful dubsteppers, and know how to cater to their sophisticated visual pallets.”